Why Study Here?

Bioengineers save lives. Bioengineering, also called biomedical engineering, applies engineering tools and approaches to solving problems in biology and medicine. Choosing a degree in bioengineering is a commitment to a challenging and rewarding field dedicated to creating solutions to improve health.

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Up to $5,000
Amount of stipends available in the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program
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No. 1
Mason is the largest public research university in Virginia
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Admit to Major
Students can be admitted directly into Bioengineering if prerequisites are met
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High salaries
Some of the highest salaries in Virginia
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Graduation Rates
Consistent graduation rates across student background, ethnicity and socioeconomic level

"I’ve always been interested in bioengineering because it is at the intersections between healthcare and technology. It’s a fascinating and fast-growing field. There are so many options."

— Brian Schnoor, bioengineering undergraduate

A Wealth of Opportunities

Your college experience in Mason's Bioengineering Department will be rich with academic and research opportunities, and your degree will open countless career opportunities.

Students who earn a bachelor of science in bioengineering are highly sought after for positions in the biomedical industry and for admission to graduate school or medical school. Those who receive an MS or a PhD in this field garner top jobs in industry, government, and academia.

Our students get involved in medical research throughout their entire undergraduate or graduate programs, including:

Unlimited Career Choices

  • Academic research in biomedical technology

  • Product development in medical device, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries to commercialize therapeutics and instruments for clinical applications

  • Software and instrument design and control in industry and in hospitals

  • Implementation of and monitoring regulatory compliance for medical products

  • Working in business, legal, and intellectual property roles of companies and government agencies in the health care sector