Senior Design Projects

In their senior year, our undergraduate students take a two-semester capstone/senior design experience synthesizing the knowledge they gain from their program.  Our seniors form teams and work together to develop solutions to real-world biomedical/clinical problems.

Our student teams work with clinical, industry, and faculty partners to develop creative solutions to these problems.  Students learn invaluable skills of team work, communication, problem solving, project management, and product development as they journey through this capstone experience.


Team Beam-Team: Onika Alam, Abdulaziz Alaraini, Antarjot Kaur, Shahrzad Sharifi  

Project Title: The Ultimate Automatic Half-Mouth Toothbrush

Sponsor/Client: N/A

Team Mask-Up: De’andre Darby, Melany Simms, Jacob Terrie, Joshua Terrie, Jaleel Williams  

Project Title: The InnoMask

Sponsor/Client: N/A

Team NanoCreators: Phuong Cai, Salem Elmisurati, Luis Portorreal, Nada Rabbat

Project Title: DNA Nanotechnology Toolkit

Sponsor/Client: Dr. Remi Veneziano (GMU)

Team TeleDream: Allie Dockum, Izat Charkatli, Aanchal Mathur, Fabian Montenegro-Andrafe, James Wassell

Project Title: Autonomously Extracting the Cranial Nerve Exam with Patient Provided Image and Video

Sponsor/Client: Dr. Mahesh Shenai (INOVA Health System)

Team N-ear-O Implanters: Pierre Gerges, Erica King, Caren Nesseem, Rachel O’Connell, Courtney White

Project Title: Cochlear Implant Symmetry

Sponsor/Client: Brian Reilly and Kevin Cleary (Children’s National Hospital)

Team Hip Model Team: Kenneth Christman, Jordan Givens, Zehra Khan, Donicia Quentin-Charles

Project Title: Hip Aspiration Model

Sponsor/Client: Evan Sheppard and Kevin Cleary (Children’s National Hospital)

Team Opioid Crisis Team: Payton Gardler, Megan Lawson, Anna Tran

Project Title: Open Interactive Data Visualization Platform

Sponsor/Client: Dr. Siddhartha Sikdar (GMU)

Team Collared Chameleons: Abraham Ansari, Arjun Harer, Amad Qureshi, Michael Joseph, Nicole Mezher  

Project Title: Contactless Cervical Collar

Sponsor/Client: Dr. Mahesh Shenai (INOVA Health System)

Team Deep Drive Tech: Arslan Bhangu, Toleen El-Akwah, Sasha Hernandez, Carlos Leon Morales, Carolina Gomes

Project Title: OR Smoke Protection

Sponsor/Client: Dr. Mahesh Shenai (INOVA Health System)

Team Optimized Air: Lazar Antic, Alesazem Asuagbor, Amber Hartman, Arta Shala

Project Title: Airway Model to Asses Resistance

Sponsor/Client: Dr. Amit Mahajdin (INOVA Health System)

Team Electrastic Inc.: Cierra Britt, Camryn Harris, Charlie Norman-Blakeney, Maryam Oukib

Project Title: Electrotactile Sleeve

Sponsor/Client: Dr. Siddhartha Sikdar (GMU)


Team 1: Bakr Marouf, Angel Mora, Anh Nguyen, Alice Peters, Alexis Robbins

Project Title: Steerable Drill for Pedicle Screw Insertion

Sponsor/Client: Dr. Mahesh Shenai (INOVA Health System)

Team OASHA: Ranya Al-Rawi, Zainab Aldarraji, Alexander Hughes, Bailey O’Shea, Seyedeh Pardis Sohraby Anaraki

Project Title: DNA-based biosensor for multiplexed detection of pathogenic bacteria

Sponsor/Client: Dr. Rémi Veneziano (GMU)

Team Fire Fighters: Ala Al-humadi, Rameen Khalid, Holly Lane, Hannah Young

Project Title: Surgical Fire Prevention System

Sponsor/Client: Dr. Larry Walker and Dr. Jihui Lee (INOVA Health System)

Team C-VAC: Nelson Alvarado, Vien Dang, Arwa Mostafa, Cameron Safi

Project Title: OR Smoke Evacuation System

Sponsor/Client: Dr. Mahesh Shenai (INOVA Health System)

Team SleepWatch: David Fernandez Pardo, Lamis Ibrahim, Sepehr Shadian

Project Title: Video-based Detection of Epileptic Seizures

Sponsor/Client: Dr. Vicky Ikonomidou (GMU)

Team Mystic: Ikra Chaudhry, Fouzia Syed, Holly To, Van Anh Tran

Project Title: Cooling Humidified Hat for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Sponsor/Client: Community Partners, Multiple Sclerosis Patients, and Respiratory Problem Patients

Team Airtronics: Ahmad Alach, Fellipe Miqui, Abdul Noor, Gautam Subramanian

Project Title: Jaw Thrust Device

Sponsor/Client: Dr. Louis Marmon and Dr. Kevin Cleary (Children’s National Hospital)

Team 1: Fayez Beaini, Ashley Lewis, Julianna Nicolaus, Carson Stewart

Project Title: Soft Exoskeleton For Stroke Patients

Sponsor/Client: Dr. Siddhartha Sikdar (GMU)

Team 2: Colleen Bush, Tagwa Abu-Daye, Sneh Talwar, Julia Roda

Project Title: Continuous Passive Motion Device for Elbow Rehabilitation

Sponsor/Client: N/A

Team 3: Hooda Said, Ibrahim Alsomairy, Ruqaia Al-Kohlany

Project Title: Rapid Cell Sorting for Regenerative Medicine Application

Sponsor/Client: Weinberg Medical Physics