Notable Faculty Publications

Notable Publications

View the latest published work from the faculty of the bioengineering department at George Mason University in select leading journals.

Giorgio Ascoli
  • Sanchez-Aguilera A, Wheeler DW, Jurado-Parras T, Valero M, Nokia MS, Cid E, Fernandez-Lamo I, Sutton N, García-Rincón D, de la Prida LM, Ascoli GA(2021) An update to by integrating single-cell phenotypes with circuit function in vivo. PLoS Biol. 6;19(5):e3001213 [doi].
  • Nanda S, Bhattacharjee S, Cox DN, Ascoli GA (2021) Distinct Relations of Microtubules and Actin Filaments with Dendritic Architecture. iScience. 23(12):101865 [doi].
  • Tecuatl C, Wheeler DW, Sutton N, Ascoli GA (2021) Comprehensive Estimates of Potential Synaptic Connections in Local Circuits of the Rodent Hippocampal Formation by Axonal-Dendritic Overlap. J Neurosci. 41(8):1665-1683 [doi].
  • Muñoz-Castañeda, R., Zingg, B., Matho, K. S., Chen, X., Wang, Q., Foster, N. N., Li, A., Narasimhan, A., Hirokawa, K. E., Huo, B., Bannerjee, S., Korobkova, L., Park, C. S., Park, Y. G., Bienkowski, M. S., Chon, U., Wheeler, D. W., Li, X., Wang, Y., Naeemi, M., … Ascoli, G. A.*, … Dong, H. W.* (2021). Cellular anatomy of the mouse primary motor cortex. Nature, 598(7879), 159–166 [doi]
Kim Blackwell
  • Dopamine Oppositely Modulates State Transitions in Striosome and Matrix Direct Pathway Striatal Spiny Neurons. Prager EM, Dorman DB, Hobel ZB, Malgady JM, Blackwell KT, Plotkin JL. Neuron. 2020 Dec 23;108(6):1091-1102.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2020.09.028. Epub 2020 Oct 19.
  • Temporal pattern and synergy influence activity of ERK signaling pathways during L-LTP induction. Miningou Zobon NT, Jędrzejewska-Szmek J, Blackwell KT. Elife. 2021 Aug 10;10:e64644. doi: 10.7554/eLife.64644.
  • Inhibition enhances spatially-specific calcium encoding of synaptic input patterns in a biologically constrained model. Dorman DB, Jędrzejewska-Szmek J, Blackwell KT. Elife. 2018 Oct 25;7:e38588. doi: 10.7554/eLife.38588.
Michael Buschmann
  • Buschmann, M. D.; Carrasco, M. J.; Alishetty, S.; Paige, M.; Alameh, M. G.; Weissman, D. Nanomaterial Delivery Systems for MRNA Vaccines. Vaccines 2021, 30. [doi].
  • Carrasco, M. J.; Alishetty, S.; Alameh, M.-G.; Said, H.; Wright, L.; Paige, M.; Soliman, O.; Weissman, D.; Cleveland, T. E.; Grishaev, A.; Buschmann, M. D. Ionization and Structural Properties of MRNA Lipid Nanoparticles Influence Expression in Intramuscular and Intravascular Administration. Commun. Biol. 20214 (1), 1–15. [doi].
Juan Cebral
  • Salimi Ashkezari SF, Mut F, Slawski M, Cheng B, Yu A, White T, Koch MJ, Amin-Hanjani S, Charbel F, Rezai Jahromi B, Niemela M, Koivisto T, Frosen J, Tobe Y, Maiti S, Robertson AM, Cebral JR. Prediction of bleb formation in intracranial aneurysms using machine learning models based on aneurysm hemodynamics, geometry, location, and patient population. J NeuroInt Surg, 2021 (DOI: 10.1136/neurintsurg-2021-017976).
  • Hadad S, Mut F, Ding Y, Kadirvel R, Kallmes D, Cebral JR. Evaluation of outcome prediction of flow diversion for intracranial aneurysms. Am J Neuroradiol ,2021 (DOI: 10.3174/ajnr.A7263).
  • Hadad S, Mut F, Chung BJ, Roa JA, Robertson AM, Hassan DM, Samaniego EA, Cebral JR. Regional aneurysm wall enhancement is affected by local hemodynamics: a 7T MRI study. Am J Neuroradiol, 42(3): 464-470, 2021 (DOI: 10.3174/ajnr.A6927).


Parag Chitnis
  • K. T. Hsu, S. Guan, and P. V. Chitnis, “Comparing deep learning frameworks for photoacoustic tomography image reconstruction,” Photoacoustics, vol. 23, 100271, 2021. [doi].
  • S. Guan, A Khan, S. Sikdar, and P. V. Chitnis, “Fully Dense UNet for 2D Sparse Photoacoustic Tomography Artifact Removal,” Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, vol. 24, no. 2, pp 568-576, 2019. [doi].
  • O. Ordeig, S. Y. Chin, S. Kim, P. V. Chitnis and S. K. Sia, “An implantable compound-releasing capsule triggered on demand by ultrasound,” Scientific Reports, vol. 6, pp. 22803, March 2016. [doi].
Holger Dannenberg
  • Dannenberg, H., Lazaro, H., Nambiar, P., Hoyland, A., & Hasselmo, M. E. (2020). Effects of visual inputs on neural dynamics for coding of location and running speed in medial entorhinal cortex. ELife, 9, e62500. [doi].
  • Dannenberg, H., Kelley, C., Hoyland, A., Monaghan, C. K., & Hasselmo, M. E. (2019). The Firing Rate Speed Code of Entorhinal Speed Cells Differs across Behaviorally Relevant Time Scales and Does Not Depend on Medial Septum Inputs. The Journal of Neuroscience, 39(18), 3434–3453. [doi].
  • Dannenberg, H., Alexander, A. S., Robinson, J. C., & Hasselmo, M. E. (2019). The Role of Hierarchical Dynamical Functions in Coding for Episodic Memory and Cognition. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 31(9), 1271–1289. [doi].
Caroline Hoemann
  • Hoemann, C.D. Rodriguez Gonzáles J, Guzmán-Morales J, Chen G, Jalili Dil E, Favis B. Chitosan coatings with distinct innate immune bioactivities differentially stimulate angiogenesis, osteogenesis and chondrogenesis in poly-caprolactone scaffolds with controlled interconnecting pore size. Bioactive Materials, 2022;10: 430-442. [doi].
  • Contreras-Garcia A, D’Elia N, Desgagné M, Lafantaisie-Favreau CH, Rivard, GE, Wertheimer MR, Messina P, Hoemann, C.D. Synthetic anionic surfaces can replace microparticles in stimulating burst coagulation of blood plasma. Colloids and Surfaces B, 2019;175:596-605. [doi]. 
  • Fong D, Grégoire-Gélinas P, Cheng AP, Mezheritsky T, Lavertu M, Sato S and Hoemann, C.D. Structurally distinct chitosans induce lysosomal rupture to promote either a type 1 IFN response or activate the inflammasome in macrophagesBiomaterials, 2017:129:127-38. Impact Factor 10.317.  [doi]. 
Quentin Sanders
  • Sanders Q, Chan V, Augsburger R, Cramer S. C., Reinkensmeyer D. J., Do A. H (2020) Feasibility of Wearable Sensing for In-Home Finger Rehabilitation Early After Stroke,  IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, vol. 28, no. 6, pp. 1363-1372, [doi]
  • Sanders Q, Okita S, Lobo-Prat, J, De Lucena D. S., Smith B. W., Reinkensmeyer D. J. Design and Control of a Novel Grip Amplifier to Support Pinch Grip with a Minimal Soft Hand Exoskeleton (2018) 7th IEEE International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics (Biorob),, pp. 1089-1094, [doi]


Siddhartha Sikdar
  • Sikdar S, Shah JP, Gebreab T, Yen RH, Gilliams E, Danoff J, Gerber LH. Novel applications of ultrasound technology to visualize and characterize myofascial trigger points and surrounding soft tissue. Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation. 2009 Nov 1;90(11):1829-38.
  • Sikdar S, Rangwala H, Eastlake EB, Hunt IA, Nelson AJ, Devanathan J, Shin A, Pancrazio JJ. Novel method for predicting dexterous individual finger movements by imaging muscle activity using a wearable ultrasonic system. IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering. 2013 Aug 28;22(1):69-76.
  • Dhawan AS, Mukherjee B, Patwardhan S, Akhlaghi N, Diao G, Levay G, Holley R, Joiner WM, Harris-Love M, Sikdar S. Proprioceptive Sonomyographic Control: A novel method for intuitive and proportional control of multiple degrees-of-freedom for individuals with upper extremity limb loss. Scientific reports. 2019 Jul 1;9(1):1-5.
Remi Veneziano
  • Bush, J., Singh, S., Vargas, M., Oktay, E., Hu, C.-H., and Veneziano, R. (2020). Synthesis of DNA Origami Scaffolds: Current and Emerging Strategies. Molecules 25, 3386. [doi].
  • Jung, W.-H., Chen, E., Veneziano, R., Gaitanaros, S., and Chen, Y. (2020). Stretching DNA origami: effect of nicks and Holliday junctions on the axial stiffness. Nucleic Acids Research 48, 12407–12414. [doi].
  • Veneziano, R., Moyer, T.J., Stone, M.B., Wamhoff, E.-C., Read, B.J., Mukherjee, S., Shepherd, T.R., Das, J., Schief, W.R., Irvine, D.J., Bathe, M. (2020). Role of nanoscale antigen organization on B-cell activation probed using DNA origami. Nature Nanotechnology 15, 716–723. [doi].


Qi Wei
  • S. K. Rajendran,Q. Wei, F. Zhang, Two Degree-of-freedom Robotic Eye: Design, Modeling,and Learning-based Control in Foveation and Smooth Pursuit, Bioinspiration Biomimetics,16(4):16 046022, 2021.
  • Q. Xing, P. Chitnis, S. Sikdar, J. Alshiek, S.A. Shobeiri, and Q. Wei, M3VR A Multi-stage,Multi-resolution, and Multi-volumes-of-interest Volume Registration Method Applied to 3DEndovaginal Ultrasound,PLoSONE, 14(11):e0224583, 2019
  • Q. Xing, V. Huynh, T. G. Parolari, C. M. Morelli, N. Peixoto, and Q. Wei, Zebrafish LarvaeHeartbeat Detection from Body Deformation in Low Resolution and Low Frequency Video,Medical&BiologicalEngineering&Computing